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One day in Pisa

by Peter Todorov

I guess that for many people Italy is a dream. Everyone wants to visit Italy and to try traditional Italian food and to dip into its beauty. Surely when planning a trip to Italy you will stop at Rome, Venice, Verona, Milan, and some coastal cities. We definitely would recommend you to not miss the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and some other beautiful places in this small town.

Where is Pisa?

Pisa is located in the center of Italy about 80 km west of Florence. It situated on the right bank of the river Arno. The town charm with beautiful places, typical narrow Italian streets, major monuments. We visited it in early November of 2016. After we checked into the hotel in the early afternoon we went on a tour to Pisa. We had one day available, which frankly is enough for a tour of Pisa.

Field of Miracles

This is the cathedral square in Pisa, where are concentrated most of the sights of the city. There is the „Assumption of Mary“ with world famous tilted tower, baptistery „St. John Krastitel“, clad cemetery „Campo Santo“ and „Hospital of Mercy.“ Campo Santo is known as „monumental cemetery“ and „old cemetery“. It is at the northern end of the square. The buildings there are impressive with its size, the white marble belies strongly with bright green grass around buildings. If you want to look calm place we recommend to visit after dark. We had the good fortune to see it crowded, but completely empty (in the later hours).

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Of course, the glory of Pisa comes from the Leaning Tower (Torre di Pisa, Leaning Tower). The tower is on the „Field of Miracles“ (Piazza dei Miracoli, Campo dei Miracoli, Piazza del Duomo, Field of Miracles) along with several medieval buildings. It was built in the Middle Ages with the idea of being a bell tower of the Cathedral. The tower is 56 meters high and weighs over 14,500 tons and its building lasted about 200 years. Due to the sandy nature of the soil tower begins to tilt and really when you see it you’ll wonder how it behaves.

Leaning Tower

Leaning Tower

In daylight, it was fun to watch people all around the world „propped up“ the tower from all sides. We didn’t make a picture like that, but we were able to photograph without people.

Baptistery Square of Miracles

It is to the west of the cathedral and is separated from the church and is the largest baptistery throughout Italy. In its construction were used the same materials as in the construction of the cathedral and therefore have an enjoyable resemblance in the implementation of the two buildings.



We walked a few hours – through Square of Miracles, the center of Pisa and the small Italian streets, we ate some traditional dish in a restaurant, and our day in Pisa was at its end. We definitely think that one day is enough to visit Pisa.

Arno river

Arno river

Where to go then?

Wherever you go in Italy won’t wrong. All country is a major landmark. After Pisa we headed to Florence – a city that also can not miss. We had a car, but if you don’t have your own car you can reach Florence by train for about 6 euros or bus for 10 euros. If you have the time surely stop there.

Have you been Pisa? What are your impressions from there?

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