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Waterfall „St.Anna“, Bulgaria

by Sunrising Life

We continue with visiting waterfalls of “Project Waterfalls in Bulgaria”. For today the weather was perfect to visit some new waterfall which still won’t started melting icicles. Like every time the decision was taken quickly – within five minutes and the program for the next day was crystal clear. The aim was waterfall „St. Anna“ near Kyustendil town.

More information about waterfall „St.Anna“

Waterfall „St. Anna“ is located near the village Smolichano. It is also known under the name Smolichanski Falls. Just above the waterfall is the church „St. Anna“. Near the church, there is a fountain of 12 spouts from flowing mineral water. According to an old legend of this place died girl named Anna. Her eyes turned into springs, her hair falling in about 15 meters of water jets.

Waterfall "St.Anna"

Waterfall „St.Anna“

During this period of the year, the water is frozen and has formed bizarre ice shapes that are really impressive. From photos from the warm periods, we can tell you that during the winter the view is much more impressive. There was a large ice pinnacle hanging ominously over us, yet beautifully sculpted ice figures. There could be heard running water and the air was so clear that our lungs feasted. Certainly, if you have some free time and a desire to visit a place like this, you will not go wrong if you head to Kyustendil Falls.

How to get to waterfall „Smolichano“ (waterfall „St.Anna“)?


In case you are coming from the capital, you have to get on the Lyulin highway in the direction of Blagoevgrad. Get off the highway at the exit for Kyustendil, then drive to the Nevestino village. In the village of Nevestino you should take to the Vaksevo village and will go through the Chetirtsi and Drumohar villages. When you enter the Vaskevo village you have to catch road to the Smolichano village.

If you visit the falls in winter, you will see it from the road. Otherwise, you will reach a sign indicating where the church „St. Anna“. The location is easily accessible, but there are lots of trees and vegetation.

Waterfall "Smolichano"

Waterfall „Smolichano“

About out visiting of the waterfall

Since we can not wait to visit as many waterfalls as we can, we just waiting for the right moment and headed to some new place. This day we spend on waterfall „St. Anna“ also know as Waterfall „Smolichano“. We left around 8:00 in the morning from Sofia and to 9 and 30 we were at the waterfall. When you go there you have to be careful not to catch the alternative route that passes through the villages Zgurovo, Nedelkova and Raska Grashtitsa because there the road is not particularly good, especially the last 4-5 kilometers before the village Smolichano. When you reach the sign for the church, there is a large place where you can leave your car, then you can walk about 100 meters to the Falls. The path is flat and very pleasant but slightly dank and shadowy.

Icy forms

Icy forms

Since the weather was very nice (I mean- not too cold, just around minus 5 degrees) we stayed for maybe an hour there. We took some pictures, we listened to the water and enjoyed the fresh air. And so that was today’s adventure. Waterfall „St.Anna“ is definitely a very beautiful place. Waterfalls really are magical places.


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