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7 places in Sofia everyone should visit

by Sunrising Life

Sofia is a capital of Bulgaria. It’s beautiful place where you should go when you come in Bulgaria. There are some nice and valuable places you have to visit during your stay here.

1.National Assembly

The building is situated in downtown Sofia nearby Ivan Vazov National Theatre.

National Assembly

National Assembly

2.“St.Semochislenitsi“ Church


"St.Semochislenitsi" Church

„St.Semochislenitsi“ Church

3.National palace of culture

This is the largest multifunctional conference center in south-eastern Europe. It was opened in 1981. It is a major venue for concerts in our country. In the building, there are some of my favorite places like Book club “The Feather” where you can take a tea or coffee and read some book on the quiet and nice place.

National palace of culture

National palace of culture

4.Vitosha Boulevard

This is the most popular shopping boulevard in Sofia. You can take a walk and feel the spirit of the city.


Vitosha Boulevard

Vitosha Boulevard

5.“Alexander Nevsky“ Cathedral

The Cathedral is a Bulgarian Orthodox one. It’s built in the Neo-Byzantine style and it’s the second biggest cathedral located on the Balkan Peninsula. Its name was changed to Sts.Cyril and Methodius between 1916 and 1920 but then the initial name was restored.

"Alexander Nevsky" Cathedral

„Alexander Nevsky“ Cathedral

6.South Park Sofia

You will read everywhere that this is one of the most beautiful parks in Sofia. For me, it’s the best park. It has a lot of cafes and places where you can take a rest and enjoy. It also has an excellent location – the main entrance of the park is on the end of Vitosha Boulevard. I recommend this place to you because it’s one of my favorites.

South Park Sofia

South Park Sofia

7.Ivan Vazov National Theatre

That is the oldest theater in the country and of course one of the important landmarks in Sofia. You really need to see this beautiful building. It’s stunning. You can sit near the theater in the city garden and enjoy the atmosphere there.

Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Ivan Vazov National Theatre

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