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7 places I want to visit in Bandung, Indonesia

by Peter Todorov
Вулкан в Индонезия

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These days I was looking for some new interesting places which we should visit. While I was making my research I find a place called Bandung. It’s the capital city of West Java Province and the third largest city in Indonesia. When I saw that the nickname of the city is Flower City I have made my decision – “I want to go there”. There is another reason I want to visit Bandung – the destination is well known for its tea plantations. I love all kind of teas.

That were just two little reasons for my wish to go there. I read a lot for the place and found for myself 7 places which I will visit when I go to Bandung. There they are:

1.Kiawah Putin – West Java’s volcanic crater

It is a striking crater lake which is located about 50 kilometers south of Bandung. One of the main attractions of Kiawah Putin is the turquoise colored lake. The name of the crater means “white crater”. The lake fills the vast dormant volcanic crater. The crater is surrounded by tree-clad cliffs which are around 2500 meters above sea level.

In addition to the gorgeous lake, you can make a hike through the forest to the peak of Mt Patuha.

2.Curug Malela – the Javanese Niagara

This place isn’t well known by the people but it’s definitely worth to visit. The Curug Malela is the largest Bandung’s waterfall. It is around thee-hour driving from Bandung. You can see that isn’t magical place. I truly want to go there and to feel the calmness and freshness of those beauties.

Curug Malela

Curug Malela

Source: Schariev

3.Hike Mount Papandayan, Garut

Mount Papadayan is located in Garut Regency, to the southeast of the city of Bandung. It is 2 665 meters above the sea level. Mount Papandayan is a large composite volcano. It is constructed of alternating layers of lava and ash, and other fragmental volcanic rock were formed by explosive eruptions over the past hundred years. It’s also known among hikers as “the mountain for beginners”. As you know we are lovers of the mountains. When I saw a picture of this mount I immediately decided that it’s one of the places that we will visit when we go to West Java, Indonesia.

4.Situ Cileunca

Situ Cileunca is a lake in the area of Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java. It is covering an area of 1400 hectares and surrounded by hills. I want to visit it for a few reasons:

  • There is Strawberry and berries plantation near the lake
  • The tea plantations all around the lake
  • There is a Love Bridge

The bridge connects two villages together. People made it improve trade between the villages. That’s the reason of the name – Love Bridge.

Situ Cileunca

Situ Cileunca

Source: Krisna

5.Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga is a village where people still relies on a traditional governance system which is used since hundred years ago. The Head of the Village is the most powerful person. All people in the village have to inform the head of the village. The residents of Kampung Naga have a little or no communication to the outside world. For me, that sounds really interesting place because I’ve always want to see and feel how people from different cultures live. So this is one of those places which we can’t miss when we visit Bandung.

Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga


6.Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

I will continue with the mountains because I really love them. They are places where I can truly find myself and feel alive. So when I go somewhere I prefer to see the nature of the place. That’s why we go to the mountains. I’ve read that Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is with legendary backstory. It is with natural beauty, and place which is worthy to visit. It is 20 kilometers far from Bandung. The mountains are 2084 meters above the sea level. As you can see from the picture – definitely that’s one of those places that has to be experienced.

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Source: Switenia

7.Braga Road

Braga road is in the heart of Bandung. It has a length of 700 meters and it is a place where visitors can feel the spirit of the past. The street is famous in the 1920s as promenade street. Some people says “You never go to Bandung before visiting this magnificent street. It’s one of Bandung heritage and perfects for the photo hunt.” As you may know, we love photography and surely won’t miss this beautiful place when we go there.

So that is my short list of “What to see in Bandung, Indonesia”. I’ve read a lot and find many beautiful little places that are worth to see but those are the “Must to see”.

When we are planning a new destination we consider the accommodation too. So we’ve seen many hotels and places where we can stay and stopped at „Horison Ultima Bandung“, because of the location. It’s in the prime touristic area of Bandung City Center. That’s one of the most important things for us when we are traveling. If you are wondering where to stay in Bandung you can get an inspiration from Traveloka (the Indonesia’s travel app). It can help you a lot in case you are planning your travel to Indonesia.

I can tell you much more about my dreams for visiting Bandung but will stop now because want to leave some things for later – when we visit Bandung. You can also see my list for things to see in Zagreb, Slovenia.

Have you ever been in Bandung? What is your experience? Where have you been? I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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