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Bled – the diamond of Slovenia

by Sunrising Life

Slovenia is a country that is full of amazing places worth visiting. One of these places is the town of Bled.

Bled lake, Slovenia

Bled lake, Slovenia

The city is located in northwestern Slovenia in the Julian Alps region. It is about 50 kilometers northwest of Ljubljana and 50 km from the border of Italy and Austria. Bled is an unforgettable destination – city, lake, island and castle with one name in one place.With its beautiful scenery, Bled and its surroundings are one of the most beautiful alpine resorts. Even in the distant 17th century the territory became known for its thermal springs and mild, healing climate.

The town – Bled

Small, picturesque and nestled at the foot of high mountains, the city enchants with its beauty. Everywhere reigns orderliness and tranquility. Here time seems to have stopped. The city is annually visited by thousands of tourists who come to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

The town - Bled, Slovenia

The town – Bled

The lake and the island Bled

Seeing the mirrored surface of the big blue lake and castles, which are nestled in the trees remain in awe. The place is magical. It seemed like you go into a fairy tale. In the middle of the lake is located the only island in Slovenia – the island of King Bled.  It impresses tourists from around the world with his charm. It brings a touch of mystery in itself.

Looking towering in the middle of the water is the clock tower. The higher building on the island is the church. Once it was Gothic, and to date is in Baroque style. This is a favorite place for weddings. From the lake to the temple there are entire 99 feet. According to old commandments, a husband must carry the bride on hands in all 99 steps. During this time, the woman should not speak. Inside the church, there is a bell of wishes.

Bled castle

Bled Castle is probably the oldest castle in Slovenia. It situated on the 130-meter cliff on the north shore of the lake. It’s like a portal to the world of fairy tales. With its style, the castle manages to tear visitors from reality and immerse them in a magical atmosphere. The oldest part of it is a Romanesque tower to which were subsequently finish construction of several towers and fortified wall. The entire interior is in the Baroque period.

The Bench over Lake Bled

When we went the some of us have to know about „famous“ bench. From there the v

When we went there, some of us knew about a „famous“ bench from which reveals the magnificent view of the enchanting city. Of course, we went to look for it. We climbed a hillside and started to walk along a narrow forest path. It takes us to the pretty beaches, but not to the demand. At one point we realized that we have strayed far from the lake. We looked around and saw in the distance on the opposite slope that our bench is there. We went back and got on the neighboring hill. Indeed, the sight that unfolds from there is intoxicating. A bench is an attractive place for photographers from around the world because they can catch Bled in all its beauty – the island castle, the city, the lake and one more thing – the high mountains, which is nestled this enchanting place.

The Bench over Lake Bled

The Bench over Lake Bled

The heart on Bled

Undoubtedly one of the many attractions of the lake is the big red heart sculpture. There you can admire the lake from a different angle and make beautiful photos as a souvenir. There seemed to love intensifies and deleted any hint of negativity and sadness.

The heart on Bled

The heart on Bled

Entertainment of Bled

For lovers of sports, the place is perfect because it offers many different things you can try. The place is suitable for swimming, golf, cycling, paragliding, mountain climbing, canoeing.

Jetty, Bled lake


And once again – if you have time to Slovenia, do not miss to visit this enchanting place. There you will enjoy the mountain fresh air, combined with wonderful views. Definitely, will not be bored because there is something for everyone.

Have you ever seen Bled?
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