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Breathtaking Milan Cathedral

by Sunrising Life

Ah, Italy! For me, Italy is harmony, music, notes, arranged in the best way to stave to recreate a beautiful melody. Italy is love, beauty, art. Italy has good food and smiling people. For me, Italy is everything I dreamed of.

I’ve been there dozens of times. I dare to say that I have traveled a large part of the country, but also there is so much more I want to see. My journey began in Italy in early childhood and years of passion and my love for this country grew more and more. Before me reveals more beautiful and wonderful places.

I ca write a lot for Italy and it will still be less. Italy is a country that should be experienced in all its nuance. To feel, to taste, to smell, to see.

For me, Italy is the love of life and beauty.

One of my favorite places is the Milan Cathedral, also known as Duomo di Milano. When I visited Milan for the first time I was fell into a lethargic state and apathy that didn’t like a lot of people. And then, as I’ve been doing in the recent years of my life – the salvation was Italy. I gathered quickly packed up and headed for the peninsula, which seems to be able to cure everything. Italy always fixes everything, imperceptibly changing and life is arranged in the best way. Then I stayed there about two weeks and traveled to many remarkable places, but now I can concentrate on the Milan Cathedral.

Milan cathedral

Milan cathedral

The Duomo is a building that is literally breathtaking. Before I went there I had impressions and very strong desire to see this place. To my surprise, my expectations were a thousand transcended. I knew that the cathedral is the fourth largest in the world, and it looks majestic, but I don’t presume that affects so hard emotionally. An interesting fact is that almost all streets in Milan lead precisely to the cathedral.

The building was built in the Gothic style and impresses with its unique architecture. In fact, it is the largest Gothic church in the world. It was built nearly six centuries. Its height reaches an impressive 108.5 meters. Milan Cathedral is built of white marble and all is in friezes, floral sculptures. Because it was built in different styles, you can see elements that are typical for the era of baroque, neo-classicism and neo-gothic style.

When I visited the Milan Cathedral they were doing restoration in the cathedral itself and therefore I had no opportunity to enjoy the art in it but at the expense of fully enjoyed outside the cathedral. What struck me when I walked inside a huge space, dark tones, colorful stained glass. But even colors couldn’t pull me out of a sense of oppression, provoked by spectacular building. As I didn’t manage to look inside the temple because of the restoration, I will not write about it.

On the top of Milan cathedral

On the top of Milan cathedral

Until then I’ve always dreamed of getting on top of the cathedral. I knew that provides such an opportunity and when I got there I knew I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. Visitors have two options for climbing to the roof – with elevator or stairs. Guess what I chose? Of course, I chose the stairs. A narrow spiral staircase began my climb to the clouds. I don’t know how many feet, I know that they are a lot. But the feeling I experienced when I went upstairs worth. I would climb double stairs to experience this again. There seemed on top of the world. Like you are over everything at the same time you are so small to the grandeur and beauty of this work of art. The feeling is really indescribable.

The square in front of On the top of Milan cathedral

The square in front of On the top of Milan cathedral

Although this is one of the commercial cities, which normally I don’t like, believe me, it’s worth it. I would go to Milan again only to get on the huge cathedral again.

And as I said at the beginning – Italy simply must be experienced. There are too many things that can not be described but must be felt.

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