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Saeva dupka cave – the underground pearl of Bulgaria

by Sunrising Life
Стълби в пещера Съева Дупка
Saeva dupka cave

Saeva dupka cave

Have you ever heard about Saeva dupka cave? It is a Bulgarian cave near the village of Brestnitsa in the Lovech region. It is known as „the underground pearl“ of Bulgaria. The reason for this is that Saeva dupka is one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. We visited it when we firs visited Prohodna cave. Both are amazing and we recommend them to you.How to get to Saeva dupka Cave?

You have to take the Hemus highway to Lovech. When you get to the village of Brestnitsa you will find a sign in the center of the village. The sign will show you the direction to Saeva dupka. It is over 110 kilometers away from Sofia.

Saeva dupka cave

Saeva dupka cave

About the Saeva dupka Cave 

The cave opened for visitors in 1967. A few years later it closed for more than 10 years. But now from 2004 it is reopened. The cave consists 5 galleries and 400 meters of corridors. There are the galleries:

The Demolished Gallery  – Thit is the largest one. The gallery is covered with various sized boulders that have collapsed from the ceiling in an earthquake. In Toppling you can see two remarkable fallen stalactites known as Fat Bertha and the Authority. If you strike the „strings“ of the Authority will hear crystal clear and sharp sounds that resound throughout the room.

Underground pearl of Bulgaria

Underground pearl

The Haystack Gallery – It resembles a haystack and from there is coming the name of the gallery. It is the poorest when you compare it with the other galleries.

The Threshing Floor – It is almost circular and in it is the largest Stalactone.

The White Palace Gallery – There is a Stalactone which looks like a castle. There is the name of the gallery coming from.

The Cosmos Gallery – And again the name comes from the forms that are in this gallery.

Sаeva Dupka is exceptionally beautiful. The cave displays all caves form – stalactites, stalagmites, rock curtains, karst lakes. It is the real underground pearl of Bulgaria.

Underground pearl of Bulgaria

Underground pearl

There is a guide who will lead you all over your walk in the cave. He will tell you some history of Saeva dupka cave. Also, he will lead your attention to some of the cave forms which you can’t see unless someone shows them to you.

Saeva dupka cave

Saeva dupka cave

Where else near Saeva dupka cave you can go?

If you are with a car there is no problem to visit some other places near by Saeva dupka cave. There are some suggestions where you can go:

  • The ostrich farm „Blue Ostrich“ – It is founded in 2001. The main activity is the captive breeding of Ostriches. There is also small ostrich museum which is available for visitors.
  • Glozhene Monastery „St.George the Victorious“ – it is located over 17 kilometers from the village of Glozhene. You can see it from a distance because it is on a rocky hill.
  • Prohodna cave – it is about 30 kilometers away from Saeva dupka cave. You can read more about it there.

You are in Bulgaria and you are considering where to go? Don’t hesitate – Saeva dupka cave is your place.You won’t regret.

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