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The Seven Rila Lakes – the divine place in Bulgaria

by Sunrising Life

That is one of those places that I adore. I can go there night and day and it won’t bored me. The tranquility that pervades the place is heavenly. I’m not surprised why Deunov and his followers make their annual meetings on Seven Rila Lakes. There is something magical. If you felt it once it is hard to forget that feeling.

The lakes

The Seven Rila lakes are located in Rila mountain – the highest mountain on Balkans. Each lake has been named after his shape and quality:

  • The Lower Lake – this is the most low-lying. It collects the water from the other lakes.
  • The Fish Lake – it is located at 2184 meters altitude and it’s the shallowest lake, and on the northeast coast is situated hut „Seven Lakes“
  • The Trefoil – it is irregular in shape and is 2216 meters above sea level. In the past, the lake was called Middle puddle
  • The Twin – it is broad and narrow in the middle and is the largest lake
  • The Kidney – its shape speaks of his name. This is where Deunov’s people gather to celebrate their New Year
  • The Eye – this is the deepest of the lakes – about 38 meters
  • The Tear – this is the highest of the lakes and is so called because of its crystal clear waters
The Tear

The Tear

The Trefoil

The Trefoil

The legend

According to the legend thousands of years ago, a couple of giants lived in the Rila mountain. Their home was sunny, warm, cozy and filled with all the love in the world. Everyone enjoyed on this idyll but one-day evil forces passed by their home. Jealous of the happiness of couple they decided to destroy everything and to delete their love. Constantly sent devastating winds, terrible earthquakes, black clouds. The giant protected his beloved wife and beat back the evil forces. In the tough battle that followed the young giant was killed. The anguish of the woman was so strong, and her tears so much that flocked to the ridge right in valleys. Thus formed the clear lakes, whose purity is overwhelming.

That is the legend but you have to know that the place is full of love and positive energy.

The Eye

The Eye

How to get to Seven Rila Lakes

The path to the Seven Rila Lakes starts at the resort Panichishte. There you can reach by car or shuttle to Dupnitsa and then to Panichishte. From the village, you have the opportunity to get on the lift that you leave the chalet „Seven Rila Lakes“ and begin the transition from there or to climb. If you choose the second option, you can enjoy the shady and fragrant forest. The road to the top lift station is about an hour and a lift approximately 20-something minutes.

Seven Rila lakes

Seven Rila lakes


When you start the hike you have two options – first to visit all the lakes and the second – to miss the bottom four lakes and to catch the path from Kidney. If you don’t have much time I recommend the second one. This hike is easier and you can enjoy the beautiful. But if you have time you should walk the lakes on the long way.

Personally, I have spent one night in „Seven lakes“ hut and I can say that there is no place where I have slept better. I was at very long trek (about 12 hours) of Maliovitsa and when we arrived there was a woman who welcomed us. She told us that there is a bathroom with hot water but it wasn’t a room. It was a pipe from the like.

And the morning! Oh, the morning was stunning. Fresh mountain air, the gentle sun and literally a few meters off one of the seven lakes. It was summer and everywhere was filled with bright colors – green grass, yellow herbs, pink flowers, blue waters of the lakes. Incredible! Now, when I’m writing this it makes me want to teleport there.

My favorite lakes

Personally, I have tree favorite lakes. The firs one is The Kidney. According to me, it is one of the most beautiful lakes and there I can sit for hours and enjoy the place.

The Kidney

The Kidney

My second favorite lake is The Eye. Some people call it heart. It always fascinated me with the color of its waters. During most of the year, there are snowdrifts.

The Eye

The Eye

My third favorite lake is the one next to the old hut – The Fish. If you stay there to spend the night in the morning while having breakfast you have enough time to enjoy its beauty.

Have you ever been to Seven Rila Lakes?

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