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5 healthy habits that can do early in the morning

by Sunrising Life

Everyone has heard that there are things which are really nice to do it every single morning. I’m sure that, can be listed many things, but in this article, I will write for this thing which I have tried personally.  So now I will share with you the result and my personal opinion for every single point.

1. Wake up early 
Early wake up

Early wake up

This is something simple with more benefits that you can imagine. In the morning body is rested well, the mind is relaxed and you are fully recharged. So during this time, you are most productive since the rest part of the day. This is a perfect time to do some things which are personally for yourself. I think eight hours is perfect for sleeping. Try to get to bed after 11 p.m. will be much easier to wake up early. After this time body often is too tired and his capabilities are much lower that the morning, so is better going to rest.

2. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon on empty stomach
Water with lemon

Water with lemon

This glass of water is very healthy. After more than a month of drinking hot water with lemon without to skip even a day, I realize that skin of the face looks different. My face was brighter and the skin was softer. Everyday this was my first glass of water for the day.  Also, bags under the eyes was almost disappeared, but they are very hard to remove it without a regular good sleep.  Lemon in the water is alkaline and adjust PH in the body. Water is helping to the body and all organs to start working faster after the sleep. Also, help for detox and revitalize all cells in the body. There are many many other benefits but I think this is enough to start.

3. Sport


The body is not created to be static. You know what happen without movement. Аll muscles begin to weaken. So it is logical that people should train every part of their bodies. Nowadays there are many kinds of sports but not so much which trained the full body. Over the years I have tried to go on fitness, tennis but for me Running is the best sport of all. Capital is R not accidentally. Yes, it is not enough to train well the upper part of the body but I can’t suggest other sport with so many benefits for health and muscles.

4. Eat healthy Breakfasts

2Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that’s why shouldn’t be missed. This is one more reason to be healthy. Our meridian stomachs are super active from 7 a.m to 9 a.m.  My personal advice for breakfast is to make a smoothie or fresh juice. You can find some recipes in our delicious section of the blog.

5. Do visualization 5-10 min every morning

Visualization is proven that is the language of the subconsciousness. It very useful to visualize some part of your life for several minutes daily. Usually, the part that you want to be more successful. Love, relationship, job, money, whatever you want. All you have to do is to stay calm in a quiet place and start dreaming how this wish or things is already happen. Do this exercise in the morning because during this time mind is fresh and not so busy yet. I promise you that after a month or even earlier you will see improvement if you do it right.

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