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Cream soup of broccoli

by Peter Todorov

There is a tasty and healthy soup recipe, cooked by steaming. We often prepare soups such as diversity is immense. In this case, I decided to write one of my favorite soups. I have already described the benefits of steaming and presume you are convinced of the usefulness of this method of cooking.


For the preparation of the soup you will need:

  • a medium or a large head of broccoli
  • one large carrot
  • one green pepper (you can replace it with red pepper)
  • one medium zucchini

If you want you can put onions. In this case, I put a few scallions.



How to prepare

Wash and chop all vegetables. Put in a pot of water as you grid does not cover its part where are stacked vegetables. When the water boils, you should reduce the temperature. Vegetables cook until tender. Usually, it takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the power of the burners.

Once the vegetables are ready, pour in the hot water. Blend them until a creamy consistency. You can put different spices. Personally, I put Himalayan salt to taste, chubrica, black pepper and fennel tops. It becomes incredibly tasty, but at the same time is very useful.

If you want you can put a few drops of olive oil. I do not put any fat. Vegetables retain their true flavor, but at the same time, they are prepared in a manner that fully preserves the nutrients of vegetables.


Delicious lunch

Delicious lunch

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