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by Peter Todorov

For the past three years, I’ve changed several crop sensors over which I used in a very brutal meteo conditions. But they never betrayed me now hopefully serve faithfully to the new owners. Now I’m really happy with my full frame camera from Canon, model 6D.

Things I’ve noticed

The first thing I noticed after crop sensors is that the level of noise. At high ISO is an extremely lower and the quality is much higher. This allows me to take high-quality images at extremely dark places such as caves for example. The negative part of the replacement of the system was weight, which was increased more than double, but I assure you that it is worth every gram.
After the change of lens already felt significant change in image quality. Currently, I use a pair of L lenses canon 17-40 4L and 70-200 4L,  and one really small lens but with good quality for the money 50mm 1,8f.

Photo gear

Photo gear

Over the years I have tried several different systems filters, ranging from the cheapest Cokin series to less popular Zomei filter. Definitely, I was not satisfied. Cheap plastic fabrication definitely spoiled the quality of the image. Zomei filters are definitely surprising low price and medium quality. I like them but at end of the day I wanted more sharpness and just in 2 months of using I decided to sell them.

It began another long reading on forums which filters are better. This led to the result. Nowadays I use only one filter, and it is NiSi ND1000, which equates to 10 stop-a, I am extremely satisfied and for now this is enough for me.

About Tripods

Tripod is something very important for any photographer, so it’s nice to choose carefully. It’s nice to be able to carry at least 2 times the weight attached to it and also to be with less weight as possible. However, on long trips or expeditions weight is something critical and it is nice to be as much as possible less. So I choose Benro A1570F with head Benro N1 total weighing about 1.7 kilograms.

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