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Healthy Holiday in Malaga

by Sunrising Life
Хотели и море в Малага

Spain is one of the most exotic countries to travel to. With its unique culture, exquisite cuisine and so many amazing cities, it’s difficult to decide which one to visit first. Nevertheless, Malaga ‒ the port city on Costa del Sol with its gorgeous hotels, resorts, and landmarks ‒ is the one place that promises fantastic holidays and unforgettable memories. However, it’s important to keep a couple of health reminders in mind alongside a few trip pointers.

What to See in Malaga

Considering that one of the greatest artists of all time ‒ Pablo Picasso ‒ was born in Malaga, starting a tour of the city by visiting the Picasso museum would be a true delight. Tourists will be able to encounter over 200 ceramics, drawings, and sculptures in this fantastic place. Another amazing tourist attraction is definitely the complex of historic buildings ‒ Gibralfaro Castle, the Alcazaba, and the Roman Theatre. It’s the place where travelers can see a city skyline like nowhere else, enjoy a gorgeous sunset and feel all the wonders of Spain. The Manquita is one of the most loved symbols of the city, and an important part of every tour, so it’s another great sight suggestion for those visiting Malaga for the first time.

The Gastronomy

With the amalgamation of aromas and exotic tastes, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Spanish cuisine. From delicious sweet churros, through the best jamón Iberico (Iberian ham) and cheese, to outstanding tapas with marinated olives, lemon, and oranges, the gastronomy in Malaga offers a true joy for everyone’s palate. For all fish lovers, the fishing village near Malaga is the best place to enjoy seafood, fresh fish specialties, and esparto de sardines.



How to Stay Healthy

After landing at the Costa del Sol, you should rest and regain your strength. This is especially true for those who’ve traveled from another time zone and have to deal with terrible jet lag. Furthermore, it’s essential that people stay active even if they’re on holiday. It’s always a good idea to visit as many sights as you can on foot in order to burn calories and stay fit. Renting a bike is a great alternative if the city tour is long and exhausting. It’s recommended that travelers do some research on the restaurants before they arrive at the destination so that they know if any food that won’t agree with them is served there. Nobody wants to end up with stomach problems, only because the dinner was too spicy. Just because you’re on holiday, it doesn’t mean that you should start eating frantically. Enjoying the cuisine in moderation is all it takes for a person to stay healthy. Also, avoiding sugary alcoholic drinks while sunbathing is highly recommended. They’re filled with calories and won’t have a good effect if drank under the blazing sun. Therefore, drinking water is the best and healthiest alternative.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to Malaga would be an exciting and unforgettable experience. Visiting all the sights, getting to know the culture, and enjoying good food would leave anyone breathless. However, it’s also important to keep in mind one’s health and travel carefree.

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