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How I started running?

by Sunrising Life

Since I was a child my parents and everyone else have laughed at me and have told me that I’m not born for run and I just can’t run. So I believed them and stopped trying to do anything in this direction. All my life I haven’t even try to run because I just knew – “I can’t run”. That thought was sown in my head while I was a little girl and there was nothing to change my mind about it. A few years ago I tried to run but suddenly the voices from the past started to scream in my head and I decided again that it’s not my thing – “You just can’t do it silly. Stop trying because it’s hilarious.”

So years passed by and I had resigned with things – running is not for me. But I wanted to learn to run. And then my miracle happened. I met him or like present himself – “he” or Peter or just my lovely photographer who changed my mind and my life in many directions.

It was wintry day at the end of March when was my first running. I ran with him and that was the first time of my life when I ran 5 km. It was so easy and gave me a pleasure. I just couldn’t understood what happened and how exactly it happened but I was running near him smiling and feeling great. The best thing was that he stopped the voices in my head. When I asked him “Did I make it right?” he told me “Don’t think about it. Just do it. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it right because there is no right way. Don’t think you look ridiculous because you are not. Just run baby”.

And there is some things you may know if you want to run but you are ashamed of trying. I came to this conclusions alone and want to share them with you:

1.Don’t you ever listen to people who are laughing at you. 

People don’t understand many things. And if they did’t like something they judge. Don’t let anyone to refuse you. You can do whatever you want if you truly want it. People opinion doesn’t matter.

2.Do it for yourself – let everything be for you. Then you can do it.

You can do everything when you do it for you not for someone else. If you want to run – run but not because he or she is running. Run because that will make you feel better.

3.Don’t push yourself.

Don’t try to do impossible things. Take your time. Give your body time to get used to this new thing. I know that at the beginning we all want to do it more and more but your body need to rest and regenerate.

4.Do it for fun and with pleasure. 

Pleasure is the most important thing. If you don’t feel pleasure of doing something this thing is not for you.

5.Run as fast as you can

It’s ok if you can’t be faster from the start. You need time and training. Don’t give up – everything is normal and you have to realize that. Give yourself time and you’ll see that you will became better.

6.Always warm up your body before running

It is very important that all muscles are nice lively before exercise. You can reduce the possibility of injuries.

7.It doesn’t matter how kilometers you’ve run

It is not important how many kilometers you’ve run. The beginning is difficult. I ran five kilometers, because I had too much stimulus – to prove to myself that I can. But don’t worry if you can’t run even 1 kilometer. Just don’t give up – next time definitely it’s gonna be more.

Run, baby, run

Run, baby, run

And remember – “Just run baby”


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