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Irakli beach

by Peter Todorov
Изгрев от плаж Иракли

As а nature lovers and beautiful and peaceful places, this year toured some of our favorite beaches. We were planning to visit Irakli beach long ago and finally, that moment came. We even had the good fortune to spend the night there. Let me tell you a bit about Irakli.


Irakli beach is located 9 km south of Obzor. Starting from Nessebar after about 30 km there is a sign „Irakli“ indicating to turn right. Continue straight until you reach the parking near to the beach. In this part of the beach is Irakli camp.

About Irakli

Irakli is one of the few untouched by human hands territories. The beach is almost deserted, and nature is intact and untouched. The beach is about 3 km long and quite wide. After that enters the grove where camping people have created special places for tents, makeshift kitchens, fireplaces and whatever else can give birth to the imagination of man.

At the entrance side, the beach is with fine sand and much further south descends becomes large. This doesn’t prevent loving seclusion from stretching their camps around the beach until the end, where the coast has passed into rocky coast. The northern part of the beach is where Vaya River enters the Black Sea. Also, there are several restaurants where you can buy food and drinks. Moreover, at the end of camp, there is a grocery store.

Irakli beach

Sunrise at Irakli

Many people who go there are sleeping directly under the open sky and above them glowing millions of tiny celebrities. In the evening they are sleeping with the sea, and in the morning they are awakened by the first rays of the sun.

Irakli remains in people’s minds as a paradise where you can relax and enjoy true tranquility. To escape the dynamics of every day and stop your eternal quarrel with time and indulge in timelessness.

Sunrising life on Irakli

This year we decided to spend the night on the Irakli beach. We left the car at the paid parking and walked along the beach to find a suitable place where to put the tent. There were unexpectedly many campers in September. The sea was dug of the coast, which was steep when we went.

We arrived at dusk and found a nice place to put our „beds“. Then we went to the forest to collect firewood in order to build a fire when it gets dark. This we did, then sank in shared silence, watching the stars, enjoying the sound of the sea, and shared the pleasure of peace.

Night at Irakli

Night at Irakli

We saw several shooting stars, we wish fulfillment of several emerging dreams. We listened to the sea, we warmed our bodies and souls on fire, and totally enjoyed the tranquility that reigns in this place.

The night we were lulled by the song of the sea.

In the morning we woke up before sunrise and waited for the sun to appear.

Waiting for the sunrise

Waiting for the sunrise

The fireball was getting bigger and bigger with each passing second. We enjoyed the beautiful sunrise and made pictures. We trot along the beach, but it was a bit difficult in the sand. Then we enjoyed the morning sun. The water was clean and cold and the sea was calm.

Piece of heaven

If you love alternative holidays, namely those you spent in a tent or under the stars directly. Near the beach or on the beach. Places where tranquility reigns then we definitely recommend Irakli beach. There is one little piece of paradise where you can immerse yourself in peace and merge with nature. Definitely, you will not regret it, and even if it isn’t your place overnight under the stars will surely relish and enjoy it. Or at least you will have the opportunity to see a falling star and make a wish and listen to the song of the sea.

Sunrise on the beach

Sunrise on the beach

And you, have you been to the Irakli beach?

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Alexandra февруари 15, 2017 - 10:05 pm

Loved the article. Obviously one of the few beaches in Bulgaria without crowds.


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