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Meet with Maria from Travelling Buzz

by Peter Todorov
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Аn this article we chose to introduce to you another of our inspiration – Maria from Travelling Buzz. She is young, smart, beautiful, purposeful and approached with professionalism to the things that she does. She loves to travel and discover the beauties of the world. She also prefers unconventional ways to learn the destinations she visit and share with her readers in an interesting and different way his adventures. Let’s stop here with the presentation and see how she answered our questions.т

1.Describe yourself in a few sentences?

Hey, there! I’m Maria, I’m 24 and live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I love positive people and emotions. That’s why I love to travel – I always meet positive people on the road and the experiences are more than unforgettable.

2.Since when is your blog and what inspired you to create it? (When did you start your blog and what inspired you to create it?

My blog Travelling Buzz was created 2 and a half years ago when was my first trip abroad, actually. Since then, I can’t stop thinking about my next destination. I created the blog in order to help people with information, tips and to inspired them to travel more because everyone can, and have to, do it.

3.What do you love most to write?

I love to write about alternative ways to explore a destination. I love adventures and different experiences so you will often see me on a bike, a kayak, a parachute or other exciting way to see a place. That way I want to inspire people to make their trip more interesting.

4.Tell us about the greatest adventure you’ve experienced?

I believe that the greatest is on the way. But a really meaningful one for me is to get to turn my hobby into a profession. Oh, and one-week trip in Spain with various breathtaking adventures such as skydiving, kayaking, windsurfing and more, was also a great one. ;)

5.If at this moment you can teleport to any place what would you choose?

High in the mountains with good panoramic view to a city.

maria_travelling_buzz26.Which are your favorite places in Bulgaria?

Hmm… those who can be seen from above – either with a parachute, paraglider or with a bike from the nearby hill. I mean whole Bulgaria :)

7.And abroad?


8.What do you do when you are not traveling?

I’m watching cat photos all day long, of course… what else … :)

9.What is travelling for you?

Travelling is an experience and awareness. It makes you think while you live. It shows you that you have unlimited opportunities. But travelling also is a way to make your life more interesting. As well as to hear more often from your friends and family the line “Where have you been, man”.

maria_travelling_buzz510.Who is your favorite season to travel?

Spring, when people still haven’t figure out where to go and most of the places are lush green and peaceful.

11.What is your biggest dream?

To inspire people with what I do. And world peace, of course ;)

12.If you have a telescope that you can see with your own eyes all you want, where would you like to peek?

You know, the good thing is that we don’t need a telescope to see what we desire. It is important just to want to do it or ask for it.

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