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Orange juice

by Sunrising Life
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This is perhaps the most common juice, which I think everyone has tried. Oranges are extremely useful and contain the vitamin A, the vitamin C and vitamin E. In fact, one cup of orange juice can quite easily satiate you, but also to give your body a number of useful substances. It is energy bomb.

We must mention, however, that if you want to lose weight should reduce the number of fruit juices. They contain a lot of fruit sugar and also a large amount of juice is equivalent to a high intake of carbohydrates.

We love fresh juices and calmly substitute one meal a day with 400 milliliters of juice. One of my favorite and easy to prepare juices is – oranges and apples. You need:

– 3 Oranges
– 2 Apples

If you want to more sour juice you should use green apples. If you prefer sweet, the „Golden great apple“ is perfect. From the above-listed products, you can make 500 ml fresh juice.

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