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How to overcome the negativity in few steps

by Peter Todorov

We often hear phrases like „people are very negative“, „people are very bleak“, „people are very unhappy“ and so on. Is it really the truth? – No, and I’ll tell you why – because everyone sees the world through their own eyes, turns, and events from their own point of view.

And if someone feels gloomy, sad, and negative, it is quite normal to see things from a black and negative side. The truth is that one sees in others what is present in himself.

Say bye to the sun

Say bye to the sun

If a person is positive and filled with light, a dark day or a negative event won’t eclipse the inner light. Everything depends on our point of view, not on things that happen.

f we can just not put things in columns good“ or „bad“ and just accept it as it is, it will not have to reach the negative emotional states.

Happiness is not by chance, but by choice

We aren’t here to suffer. At the moment when we realize that, we will be able to change our minds and point of view. Then we’ll be able to see „the beauty of a rainy day“.

To be happy is one of the easiest things in our world. The paradox comes because sometimes it’s the hardest. The only thing we need to do is to choose happiness because we are here right now to live our lives. There is no bigger reason than being alive – that’s the biggest gift.

How to change our negative beliefs?

Remember a situation where you felt pleased. Do you like that feeling? Is not it wonderful it is this tranquility? And if I say that this is the natural state of man would you believe me?

Here are some tips on how to feel the happiness of life:

1.Stop concentrating and think only about the negative things, and fill the column under the name of „bad“ events

Everything that happens is wonderful and comes to teach us something. Rather than take it seriously and it experiences much better will be to answer the question „Why is this happening to me? What will be the lesson from this situation? „.



Ask yourself these questions and try to answer them without being a victim. You will see how many things will come out when you find these answers in yourself.

2. Find at least three things in your life for which you are genuinely grateful and that make you smile

At the moment you feel wretched think about the good things you have. This will immediately stop the process of self-pity and negativity and give a slight smile on your face. Because life is really wonderful.

Be happy

Be happy

Being an adult is so similar to being a child. There are various challenges we face, to learn – to learn to talk, to eat, to walk. But the child won’t refuse to walk when he fell once. He falls, then gets up and goes again and again until he learns how to do it. But whenever we feel unhappy, we need to remember all the small victories that we had.

3. Change something in your life

When you feel that something is wrong and you are unhappy I will advise you to change something. Do something differently. Make a place for something new in your life. Often when we are bored we fall into states of negativity, and even depression. A great suggestion is to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, take a walk in the mountains or just do something unusual and different for you.



4. Do something that makes you feel happy

Stop focusing on the negative things. Realize that they are not negative. They are just events that you give weight to and find as negative. Focus on the beautiful and pleasant things in your life and start doing things that make you feel alive. Do not indulge in negative and try to realize them or stop them.

5. Listen to yourself

Ask yourself, „Is this the feeling I want to be with me? „If you do not like this feeling, just choose what makes you feel good. Understand that you can change your life-changing point of view. You are the master of your emotions and feelings. Realize it!

If you still can not deal with negative emotions, you should take it. No pumping situation with unnecessary drama. Allow yourself to experience what you feel and then release it. It will disappear when you realize that you do not want it to be part of you.

Meditation time

Meditation time

So, being negative or positive is a matter of perspective. Different people can see the same situation in different ways. But actually, the man is like white light – it contains the whole spectrum of colors. In your hands is to choose which color you want to reflect, how you want to feel, and whether you choose to be here now and happy.

Happiness is by choice.

Raise your eyes and look at the beautiful sky and how happy we are that we have the opportunity to be here and now. To be alive.

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