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Project „Waterfalls“

by Sunrising Life

More about the „Waterfalls“

This year, after many wondering about our traveling plans we hatched the idea to visit waterfalls in Bulgaria. How we get the idea of it? The decision was easy. We have a book called „Photo Guide to Bulgarian waterfalls.“ After years of staying in our home library, we accidentally opened it and there in the Introduction was written something very interesting -for air. We all know that one of the cleanest air is on the mountain. What attracted us greatly is that the air around the waterfalls is more clear even from the mountain.

Benefits of negatively charged air around waterfalls

More than a century has been scientifically proven that the air around the waterfalls is negatively charged. This is due to the friction of the water spray with air. There are some healing properties of negative ions:

  • It enhances the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors and stimulate the body’s defenses;
  • It controls automatic nervous system and the balance between insulin and adrenaline;
  • treat headaches, fatigue, improve reflexes and concentration, kill viruses and bacteria;
  • positive effects on the central nervous system;
  • improves self-esteem, appetite, sleep, physical and mental performance;
  • regulate stress;
  • increase the capacity of absorption of oxygen and accelerate the process of delivery to cells

In the book, we found a comparative table the amount of negatively charged ions in different locations. What literally stunned us was the difference in quantity. On the beach, ions are over 4000cc, At home or office -20-500cc. For our favorite mountain, the quantities are 8,000 to 12,000cc. Over the waterfalls, the values are around 50.000 to 450.000 cc, which is at least more than 4 to 40 times better than air on the mountain!


We are people who spend most of their time in the mountains and adore walks in the fresh air outdoors. Everything we read for waterfalls was absolutely enough for us to decide that led by this very good guide, we will visit all the waterfalls in the country. Thus was born our project „Waterfalls.“


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