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Scent of rain

by Sunrising Life

I love the smell of rain. In my eyes and in my senses he is fresh and so gentle. The scent of rain that portends refreshing heat land. When I lived alone one of the greatest pleasures for me was to go out, without an umbrella and walk through the city streets when it was raining. And this water that washed the dust from the ground to wash the dust from me. To purify me.

After my rainy walks, I come home and made a large amount of warm and fragrant tea and stared out the window or standing on the terrace under the gentle melody. I watched the big raindrops fall, listened to the sound of them and just quietly nestled in my own feelings and embraced by my thoughts, staring.

When I was younger I didn’t like the rain. This wonderful phenomenon was able to spoil my mood for the whole day. Over the years, I learned to see the true beauty and my perception is transformed. Now I love the rain. It always stirs in me a sense of awe and admiration. Admire the stunning scenery and the way it is arranged. How each drop passes a certain way, and then merges with the ground and seems to disappear. In fact, it’s there – just merged with the whole, because everything is part of something greater.

In rainy days like today always think of a sentence that says:

Millions long for immortality but don’t know what to do themselves on a rainy afternoon.

My rainy afternoons are usually just for me. For me, in the company of myself, accompanied by chaotic thoughts and a pleasant melancholy.

I admire this entire process. According to my beliefs rain describes very precisely the structure of the world and existence at all. In reality, nothing is lost irretrievably. A small raindrop that is so tiny and ostensibly transitional illustrates this assertion wonderful.

So if you are still with me I want to keep to my chaotic thoughts on what people do when it’s raining outside. Are they angry? Whether grumble? Whether spoil their mood? I don’t know. I think it’s a common perception that the rain is annoying and most people associate it with negative emotion. And it is actually so wonderful – the whole phenomenon. But even for people who don’t like the rain, there is a small hint of positivism. Remember:

Relax and enjoy because after every storm there comes the sun. Sun that shines over all and for all of us!

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