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Top 5 running tips for beginners

by Sunrising Life

In every kind of sport is good to know the basic things before to start. The idea is to be a little bit more prepared and to avoid mistakes which is possible to make you some injuries at the beginning. My advise is to follow this list of steps don’t even matter how hard you want to skip them.

1. Always warm-up before training

It is important to warm-up the body before training. For running most important thing that you have to do is to warm-up muscles of the legs. For beginners is good to warm it around 10 minutes. This time is perfect to prepare the body for training. After several runs your body will be prepared and you can easily reduce time to 5 minutes but the most important thing is to not skip the warming.

2. Drink water before and after the run
Drinking water

Drinking water

The body contains 75% water, so you have to stay as hydrated as you can. There is no a formula for drinking water during running. I personally prefer to drink a glass of water before running.  After the run is ok to drink water until you are not thirsty anymore. Water also is helping the body to do processes which are important. During the run water adjusts the body temperature, also it’s working as a lubricate to joints. There are many other benefits so don’t skip this step.

3. Stretch after exercise


After the run, it is normal muscles to be tight. Muscle strain also is something normal for beginner runners. If you want to reduce its effect you must stretch after every training. Soon I will show you some basic exercise how to stretch after a run. Also, it’s good to do some stretching before the running. So you can do it twice. During your warm-up exercises and after the run to relax the muscles. Even expert don’t skip this step because they know the effect if they do it. Longer muscle strain and a little pain in the muscles are the basic effects if you decide to skip it.

4. Slowly increase the distance 

This step like any other in the list is so basic that you need to follow if you want to avoid injuries. I know that is very exciting to go on your second run and do 10km (actually, Victoria do this. On her second training she ran 10k for less than 1 hour!) But you DON’T do this because after several runs she began to feel pain in her knees. Another reason for her pain was the ground. Аlleys in the park is mostly made of asphalt. This ground is not best friend for the runner but this is another topic. My first run was 1,5km. Second 2,5km and so on. I believe that the best proportion is to increase the distance slowly. After your 10km run, you will be good enough to decide for yourself what is better and how to increase your progress. Until then my advice is to increase distance on each run with less than 1 or 2 kilometers.

5.  Take a break from time to time

After a long time of running is good to leave your body to relax for several days. Many studies proved that muscle are resting during sleep.  If you train every day or for two days once you accumulate chronic fatigue and regular sleep is not enough to recover the body. Give your body time for relaxing. This will be the time when your body will be fully recovered and ready for next level training. Usually, 3-5 days are enough.

If you follow this steps is less possible to have any problems, injuries, fatigue and any other negative things.

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