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Meet with Geri from When Woman Travels

by Peter Todorov
Колаж от When Woman Travels

At this article, I will introduce you a wonderful woman – Gerry Vladeva, which has dedicated herself to traveling – to herself and throughout the world. A few years ago she creates a blog – When Woman Travels, where she talks about everything that impressed her. Shares with her readers extraordinary lifestyle of travel lover and adventures. She gives advice which can be extremely useful for traveling adventurers, as most of them are aimed at women. Here’s how Gerry answers to our questions:

1.Describe yourself in a few sentences?

  A person who loves to learn, explore and find the invisible thread that connects things in life.

2.If you must use only three words that best fit your essence what would they be?

     Creative, dreamer, individualist.

The desеrt

The desеrt

3.Since when is your blog and what inspired you to create it?

   The blog is from three years. I chose to write about women and their travel because they have more difficulty than men and yet are larger adventurous and inquisitive. I want to help them to cope with these difficulties – such as safety and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle even on the road, with all the skills that I have.

4.What is your favorite topic?

    I love to write stories of people who have extraordinary life, foreign cultures and places that have not yet become tourist attractions, and interesting and still have an authentic atmosphere.

5.What are the characteristics of traveling and exploring the world by yourself?

   Travelling alone have to experience for any woman. When you’re alone you face the challenge to deal with everything and to rely only on yourself. It gives you infinite power because alone you’re going to get to know yourself much better than when you travel with another person. And that confidence change your life itself.

Тhe palace

Тhe palace

6.Tell us about the greatest adventure you’ve experienced?

   The biggest „adventure“ and the first one was when I lived for an year in thecountryside of Ethiopia,

one of the poorest countries in the world. In the beginning it was a shock, not cultural, but rather economic. Then you get used and you start to appreciate what you have in your own country .

7.If at this moment you can teleport to any place what would you choose?

   Urulu, Australia.

8.Which are your favorite places in Bulgaria?

   I love Koprivshtica and Old Town of Plovdiv. In the sea – Nature Reserve Yailata Kavarna . And I love Sofia very much.

Ethnographic museum, Plovdiv

Ethnographic museum, Plovdiv

9.And abroad?

   In my recent solo trip through Norway, a little village on the fjord Songdo named Fyerland stole my heart. Otherwise every year travel to the South of France and the French Riviera. In Cuba I felt like home and I hope to go back again, Japan did not felt like feeling, but rather as a lesson, but also want to visit again, mostly because of its rich culture.

You can read more about Geris travel in Norway here.

Fjaerland, Norway

Fjaerland, Norway

10.What do you do when you are not traveling?

   I have three friend with whom we meet like in „Sex and the City“ dinners. Many laugh and offload with them. But when I don’t have fun, I love to write and work on collection products / now only T-shirts / inspired by my travels, and I offer online store .

11.What is traveling for you?

   Travelling means getting to know yourself. And that means and to accept yourself. To learn. To become better in every sense of the word. Different cultures and different countries give you a different lessons. Thus one becomes more tolerant, but also more knowledgeable. Then you can meditate alone and defy the usual manipulation of the media. But this of course is only if you have the desire to learn, and not travel only for pleasure and one cocktail on the beach.



12.Who is your favorite season to travel?

   Each season is my favorite, but I like to travel outside the „tourist“ one. So I preferred to travel to Russia from December to January because I wanted to see the real Russia and how people live there in the winter.

13.What is your biggest dream?

 To travel around Australia.

14.If you have a telescope that you can see with your own eyes all you want, where would you like to peek?

  In past centuries.

15.If you need to say a single sentence and the whole world is breathless in anticipation to hear it what would it be?

   I have no idea to what would be breathless world , but I can try with: „Dreams come true“.Of course If you work for it.

Geri Vladeva

Geri Vladeva

So Gerry is one of the people who are an inspiration for us. With positivism and intelligence that are written on her face and the wonderful articles on her blog, she conquered its readers. You can read more about her and her work here- When Woman Travels.

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